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2009 CHAMPION: Richard Plant
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2008 CHAMPION: Jason Moore
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2007 CHAMPION: Tim Bridgman
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2006 CHAMPION: Jon Barnes
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2005 CHAMPION: Joe Tandy
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Giacomo Petrobelli

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: Italy
DoB: 07-11-1975
Sponsors: Luxardo
With Russian driver Ivan Lukasevich too young to compete in the first two meetings of FPA 2007, Italian stallion Giacomo Petrobelli came in for the first five races of the year. Giacomo completed a full season of FPA in 2006, finishing sixth in the final Championship table after notching up a string of top-10 results. Eighth place in the Autumn Trophy last November reinforced his ability to run with the leaders regularly.
Driver History
2011Blancpain Endurance Series - GT3 Pro Cup-
2010FIA GT3 European Championship17th
2009Le Mans Series - LMGT2NP
2008International GT Open GTA20th
2007Spanish GT Championship GTANP
FPA History
2007Round 1Race 19th+21.178s1
2007Round 1Race 220thDNS1
2007Round 2Race 13rd+4.709s1
2007Round 2Race 212nd+48.357s1
2007Round 2Race 36th+11.870s1
2006Round 1Race 18th+46.955s1
2006Round 1Race 27th+32.166s1
2006Round 2Race 17th+25.762s1
2006Round 2Race 29th+26.050s1
2006Round 2Race 37th+25.542s1
2006Round 3Race 110th+32.070s1
2006Round 3Race 25th+22.127s1
2006Round 3Race 35th+19.384s1
2006Round 4Race 115thDNF1
2006Round 4Race 28th+31.207s1
2006Round 5Race 12nd+1.481s1
2006Round 5Race 22nd+8.238s1
2006Round 6Race 114thDNF1
2006Round 6Race 24th+14.388s1
2006Round 6Race 34th+47.208s1
2006Round 1Race 14th+11.252s2
2006Round 1Race 218th+19.501s2
2006Round 1Race 35th+13.354s2
2006Round 2Race 111th+20.254s2
2006Round 2Race 28th+19.145s2
2006Round 2Race 38th+16.911s2
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