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Jolyon Palmer

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 20-01-1991
Jolyon is the son of MotorSport Vision Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer. His racing career began in MiniMax karts in 2004, before he moved to contest the T Cars Autumn Trophy in 2005 and the main championship a year later. He finished fifth, with four podiums and one pole, before dominating his second Autumn Trophy, winning four of the six races.

2007 heralded a move into single seaters when Jolyon competed in the UK's Formula Palmer Audi Championship. A fourth place in only his second race followed, before he became the youngest ever race winner in FPA history when he took his maiden victory at Brands Hatch.

Jolyon remained in Formula Palmer Audi in 2008, kicking off his season in impressive form with a string of nine consecutive top-five finishes - including victory and two second place finishes at Spa Francorchamps. He remained in contention for the championship right up to the final round, before eventually finishing third in the final standings.
Driver History
2011GP2 Series-
2011GP2 Asia SeriesNP
2010FIA Formula Two Championship2nd
2009FIA Formula Two Championship21st
2006T Cars5th
FPA History
2009Round 2Race 19th+22.449s1
2009Round 2Race 221stDNF1
2009Round 6Race 11st12 laps1
2009Round 6Race 218th+1 lap1
2009Round 6Race 318th+1 lap1
2009Round 7Race 16th+7.186s1
2009Round 7Race 23rd+4.153s1
2009Round 7Race 317thDNF1
2008Round 1Race 15th+10.240s1
2008Round 1Race 25th+15.568s1
2008Round 1Race 34th+13.103s1
2008Round 2Race 14th+17.443s1
2008Round 2Race 23rd+5.949s1
2008Round 3Race 11st9 laps1
2008Round 3Race 22nd+2.649s1
2008Round 3Race 32nd+0.246s1
2008Round 4Race 13rd+1.283s1
2008Round 4Race 219thDNF1
2008Round 5Race 12nd+5.620s1
2008Round 5Race 22nd+1.405s1
2008Round 6Race 12nd+13.808s1
2008Round 6Race 25th+13.197s1
2008Round 6Race 33rd+14.930s1
2008Round 7Race 12nd+0.382s1
2008Round 7Race 24th+7.820s1
2008Round 7Race 37th+9.190s1
2008Round 8Race 13rd+3.517s1
2008Round 8Race 24th+15.289s1
2008Round 1Race 15th+15.472s2
2008Round 1Race 22nd+8.556s2
2008Round 1Race 33rd+11.313s2
2008Round 2Race 14th+16.717s2
2008Round 2Race 216thDQ2
2008Round 2Race 32nd+1.988s2
2008Round 1Race 14th+16.717s3
2008Round 1Race 210thDQ3
2008Round 1Race 32nd+1.988s3
2007Round 1Race 112nd+22.034s1
2007Round 1Race 24th+8.018s1
2007Round 2Race 120thDNF1
2007Round 2Race 26th+11.975s1
2007Round 2Race 32nd+2.225s1
2007Round 3Race 14th+5.014s1
2007Round 3Race 210th+36.661s1
2007Round 3Race 310th+43.939s1
2007Round 4Race 11st30 laps1
2007Round 4Race 29th+11.925s1
2007Round 4Race 34th+10.091s1
2007Round 5Race 120thDNF1
2007Round 5Race 215th+18.249s1
2007Round 6Race 13rd+5.365s1
2007Round 6Race 11st13 laps1
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