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2008 CHAMPION: Jason Moore
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2007 CHAMPION: Tim Bridgman
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Stefan Wilson

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 20-09-1989
Sponsors: Solvents with Safety Ltd
The younger brother of former Formula 1 driver and inaugural FPA champion Justin, Stefan Wilson showed that the Wilson speed gene is as dominant as ever with some superb performances in the 2006 Autumn Trophy. The 16-year-old gradually improved over the course of his first six car races, and took fastest lap en route to a superb fifth in the final round. Despite the obvious expectations of following in Justin’s footsteps, Wilson the Younger had the potential to make a name all for himself.
Driver History
2011Firestone Indy Lights-
2010Firestone Indy Lights11th
2009Firestone Indy Lights22nd
2008British F3 International Series - National class4th
FPA History
2007Round 1Race 17th+18.967s1
2007Round 1Race 22nd+2.259s1
2007Round 2Race 15th+6.078s1
2007Round 2Race 21st16 laps1
2007Round 2Race 34th+2.691s1
2007Round 3Race 16th+13.774s1
2007Round 3Race 23rd+8.404s1
2007Round 3Race 32nd+8.845s1
2007Round 4Race 113rd+16.978s1
2007Round 4Race 25th+7.324s1
2007Round 4Race 35th+10.643s1
2007Round 5Race 17th+8.092s1
2007Round 5Race 21st9 laps1
2007Round 6Race 11st13 laps1
2007Round 6Race 117thDNF1
2007Round 7Race 14th+18.098s1
2007Round 7Race 21st18 laps1
2007Round 8Race 13rd+6.912s1
2007Round 8Race 24th+5.365s1
2007Round 8Race 32nd+0.389s1
2006Round 1Race 16th+18.152s2
2006Round 1Race 219th+22.409s2
2006Round 1Race 320th+2 laps2
2006Round 2Race 15th+7.128s2
2006Round 2Race 213rd+26.509s2
2006Round 2Race 35th+15.169s2
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