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Derrick Collin

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 27-01-1948
Sponsors: Brulines
Whitby’s Derrick Collin came into the 2008 Autumn Trophy with more FPA races under his belt than any other driver in the field. Consistency should prove to be an asset to Derrick at the Autumn Trophy as he looks to improve on the 14th and 18th places he achieved in 2006 and 2007.
Driver History
2009V de V Challenge Endurance Moderne - Proto7th
FPA History
2008Round 1Race 115th+3 laps2
2008Round 1Race 213rd+2 laps2
2008Round 1Race 316th+1 lap2
2007Round 1Race 120thDNF1
2007Round 1Race 211th+48.103s1
2007Round 2Race 116th+24.730s1
2007Round 2Race 215th+1:00.470s1
2007Round 2Race 317thDNF1
2007Round 3Race 112nd+32.576s1
2007Round 3Race 213rd+55.130s1
2007Round 3Race 316th+1 lap1
2007Round 4Race 116th+18.121s1
2007Round 4Race 220th+48.394s1
2007Round 4Race 318th+1 lap1
2007Round 5Race 114th+30.027s1
2007Round 5Race 219th+55.148s1
2007Round 7Race 218th+1 lap1
2007Round 8Race 113rd+1:15.136s1
2007Round 8Race 214th+1:09.011s1
2007Round 8Race 311th+55.496s1
2006Round 1Race 119th+1 lap1
2006Round 1Race 213rd+41.559s1
2006Round 2Race 111th+37.871s1
2006Round 2Race 211th+44.277s1
2006Round 2Race 313rd+59.119s1
2006Round 3Race 111th+34.645s1
2006Round 3Race 214th+47.044s1
2006Round 3Race 38th+21.386s1
2006Round 4Race 110th+26.049s1
2006Round 4Race 215th+1:06.315s1
2006Round 5Race 110th+14.261s1
2006Round 5Race 27th+38.292s1
2006Round 6Race 19th+2:05.600s1
2006Round 6Race 213rd+33.841s1
2006Round 6Race 38th+1:51.044s1
2006Round 1Race 117th+34.360s2
2006Round 1Race 217th+17.910s2
2006Round 1Race 315th+30.024s2
2006Round 2Race 19th+12.565s2
2006Round 2Race 212nd+26.143s2
2006Round 2Race 311th+26.212s2
2005Round 1Race 122ndDNS1
2005Round 1Race 214th+62.356s1
2005Round 2Race 112nd+1 lap1
2005Round 2Race 212nd+41.148s1
2005Round 3Race 112nd+24.551s1
2005Round 3Race 221stDNF1
2005Round 3Race 314th+37.799s1
2005Round 4Race 121stDNF1
2005Round 4Race 214th+35.208s1
2005Round 4Race 39th+40.592s1
2005Round 5Race 118thDNF1
2005Round 5Race 215th+1:07.550s1
2005Round 5Race 315th+1:05.345s1
2005Round 6Race 121stDNF1
2005Round 6Race 218thDNF1
2004Round 2Race 121st+1:28.707s1
2004Round 2Race 217th+1:20.148s1
2004Round 4Race 117th+59.635s1
2004Round 4Race 214th+1:00.659s1
2004Round 5Race 116th+58.693s1
2004Round 5Race 214th+40.738s1
2004Round 1Race 113rd+1 lap2
2004Round 1Race 219thDNF2
2004Round 1Race 38th+53.686s2
2004Round 2Race 114th+1 lap2
2004Round 2Race 212nd+26.845s2
2004Round 2Race 313rd+41.157s2
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