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Giuseppe Cipriani

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: Italy
DoB: 09-06-196
Hotel and restaurant tycoon Cipriani will be returned to Formula Palmer Audi for a full campaign in 2010, after contesting his first competitive season of racing for nearly 20 years in FPA in 2009. His best results came at Oulton Park, where he scored back-to-back ninth places finishes in the opening two races. Cipriani has previously competed in Italian Formula 3 in 1989 and 1990, racing against future Formula One stars Mika Hakkinen, Jacques Villeneuve and Luca Badoer.

Cipriani then switched to the hotel and restaurant business, working for his father Arrigo Cipriani. Together they maintained and developed the Cipriani chain of hotels and restaurants which have become frequent haunts for the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone. He retains a keen interest in motor racing, however, and will renew his rivalry with fellow entrepreneur Luca Orlandi in this year's championship.
Driver History
2011Auto GP-
2010Auto GPNP
FPA History
2010Round 1Race 116thDNF1
2010Round 1Race 216th+1 lap1
2010Round 1Race 317thDNF1
2010Round 2Race 111th+21.110s1
2010Round 2Race 29th+15.796s1
2010Round 2Race 36th+16.037s1
2010Round 2Race 411th+11.926s1
2010Round 3Race 19th+28.756s1
2010Round 3Race 27th+37.647s1
2010Round 4Race 114th+33.755s1
2010Round 4Race 29th+22.964s1
2010Round 5Race 112nd+38.806s1
2010Round 5Race 212nd+37.582s1
2010Round 7Race 19th+15.606s1
2010Round 7Race 27th+20.162s1
2010Round 7Race 38th+17.299s1
2010Round 7Race 411th+26.834s1
2009Round 1Race 120thDNF1
2009Round 1Race 220th+1:04.053s1
2009Round 1Race 319th+59.942s1
2009Round 2Race 121stDNF1
2009Round 2Race 215th+40.883s1
2009Round 2Race 314th+41.669s1
2009Round 3Race 114th+40.431s1
2009Round 3Race 216th+33.353s1
2009Round 4Race 19th+40.964s1
2009Round 4Race 29th+22.001s1
2009Round 4Race 315thDNF1
2009Round 5Race 112nd+32.759s1
2009Round 5Race 215th+33.248s1
2009Round 5Race 315thDNF1
2009Round 6Race 114th+43.989s1
2009Round 6Race 217th+1:08.027s1
2009Round 6Race 315th+37.995s1
2009Round 7Race 116th+37.003s1
2009Round 7Race 212nd+26.205s1
2009Round 7Race 311th+23.372s1
2008Round 8Race 114th+48.839s1
2008Round 8Race 220th+51.099s1
2008Round 1Race 118thDNF2
2008Round 1Race 216th+3 laps2
2008Round 1Race 318thDNF2
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