2010 CHAMPION: Nigel Moore
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2009 CHAMPION: Richard Plant
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2008 CHAMPION: Jason Moore
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2007 CHAMPION: Tim Bridgman
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2006 CHAMPION: Jon Barnes
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2005 CHAMPION: Joe Tandy
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2004 CHAMPION: Jonathan Kennard
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2003 CHAMPION: Ryan Lewis
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2002 CHAMPION: Adrian Willmot
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Daniel Brown

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 05-07-1991
Sponsors: Momo UK, Brown & Geeson
Reigning T-Car champion Dan Brown was the youngest driver in 2008's FPA Championship and raced alongside his older brother Robert. 2008 was Dan’s first season racing single-seaters, but given his track record he was one to watch as the championship progressed. The Brown brothers are only the second set of siblings to compete in Formula Palmer Audi at the same time, the first being Ben and Ryan Lewis in 2002/3, when Ryan was crowned FPA champion.
Driver History
2011FIA GT3 European Championship-
2010British GT Championship GT313th
2009British GT Championship GT310th
2007T Cars1st
2006T Cars6th
2006SAXMAX Great Britain2nd
FPA History
2008Round 1Race 19th+32.026s1
2008Round 1Race 214th+40.979s1
2008Round 1Race 39th+32.331s1
2008Round 2Race 120thDNF1
2008Round 2Race 28th+11.000s1
2008Round 3Race 110th+29.484s1
2008Round 3Race 28th+5.025s1
2008Round 3Race 314th+27.211s1
2008Round 4Race 18th+32.632s1
2008Round 4Race 215th+43.094s1
2008Round 5Race 119th+1:05.472s1
2008Round 5Race 29th+10.135s1
2008Round 6Race 16th+26.966s1
2008Round 6Race 27th+19.799s1
2008Round 6Race 38th+27.173s1
2008Round 7Race 17th+14.292s1
2008Round 7Race 211th+21.303s1
2008Round 7Race 312nd+16.130s1
2008Round 8Race 19th+24.849s1
2008Round 8Race 210th+26.862s1
2008Round 1Race 14th+14.511s2
2008Round 1Race 23rd+20.402s2
2008Round 1Race 35th+22.476s2
2008Round 2Race 117thDQ2
2008Round 2Race 29th+12.577s2
2008Round 2Race 37th+31.344s2
2008Round 1Race 111thDQ3
2008Round 1Race 26th+12.577s3
2008Round 1Race 36th+31.344s3
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