2010 CHAMPION: Nigel Moore
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2009 CHAMPION: Richard Plant
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2008 CHAMPION: Jason Moore
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2007 CHAMPION: Tim Bridgman
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2006 CHAMPION: Jon Barnes
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2005 CHAMPION: Joe Tandy
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2004 CHAMPION: Jonathan Kennard
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2003 CHAMPION: Ryan Lewis
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2002 CHAMPION: Adrian Willmot
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Jack Clarke

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 01-03-1988
Sponsors: KSS Design Group, Arbuthnot Latham, THB Clowes, JTB Construction
Racing is in Jack’s heritage as his great grandfather was the founder of Motorsport magazine, and stepfather Julian Bailey is former a F1 driver and World Sports Car champion. 2008 was Clarke’s second year in FPA, after an impressive first season in which he finished fourth in the championship, as well as narrowly missing out on winning the Formula Palmer Audi Shootout. Jack received support from the MSA this season, after being awarded a place on the motorsport governing body’s ‘Race Elite Academy’ scheme.
Driver History
2011FIA Formula Two Championship-
2010FIA Formula Two Championship9th
2009FIA Formula Two Championship18th
2006Formula BMW UK22nd
FPA History
2008Round 1Race 14th+6.451s1
2008Round 1Race 26th+18.140s1
2008Round 1Race 33rd+12.669s1
2008Round 2Race 18th+28.381s1
2008Round 2Race 221stDNF1
2008Round 3Race 13rd+10.054s1
2008Round 3Race 23rd+2.943s1
2008Round 3Race 34th+6.043s1
2008Round 4Race 121stDNF1
2008Round 4Race 21st14 laps1
2008Round 5Race 15th+10.175s1
2008Round 5Race 21st16 laps1
2008Round 6Race 19th+34.545s1
2008Round 6Race 23rd+5.348s1
2008Round 7Race 122ndDNF1
2008Round 7Race 219thDNF1
2008Round 7Race 38th+11.340s1
2008Round 8Race 15th+11.455s1
2008Round 8Race 23rd+14.624s1
2008Round 1Race 12nd+5.729s2
2008Round 1Race 217thDNF2
2008Round 1Race 31st28 laps2
2008Round 2Race 15th+23.281s2
2008Round 2Race 28th+12.005s2
2008Round 2Race 35th+20.302s2
2008Round 1Race 15th+23.281s3
2008Round 1Race 25th+12.005s3
2008Round 1Race 35th+20.302s3
2007Round 1Race 114th+28.741s1
2007Round 1Race 26th+12.353s1
2007Round 2Race 17th+10.558s1
2007Round 2Race 24th+9.930s1
2007Round 2Race 35th+11.689s1
2007Round 3Race 17th+20.467s1
2007Round 3Race 218thDNF1
2007Round 3Race 313rd+1:06.938s1
2007Round 4Race 12nd+1.935s1
2007Round 4Race 23rd+6.564s1
2007Round 4Race 31st30 laps1
2007Round 5Race 121stDNF1
2007Round 5Race 23rd+0.644s1
2007Round 6Race 12nd+2.258s1
2007Round 6Race 15th+9.877s1
2007Round 7Race 13rd+17.688s1
2007Round 7Race 27th+18.064s1
2007Round 8Race 119thDNF1
2007Round 8Race 21st17 laps1
2007Round 8Race 317thDNS1
2007Round 1Race 14th+10.087s2
2007Round 1Race 22nd+6.312s2
2007Round 1Race 33rd+7.379s2
2007Round 2Race 11st18 laps2
2007Round 2Race 222ndDNF2
2007Round 2Race 33rd+3.256s2
2007Round 1Race 11st18 laps3
2007Round 1Race 33rd+3.256s3
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