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Phillip Frommenwiler

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: Switzerland
DoB: 27-08-1989
The continental flavour of the 2009 Formula Palmer Audi championship continued with the addition of Swiss racer Philipp Frommenwiler in only his second year of racing competition.

Following some successful results in karting, Frommenwiler contested the LO Formel Lista Junior in 2008 - narrowly missing out on the title after taking four wins and five podium positions. The 19-year-old also took two pole positions and finished the campaign as the series' runner-up. He contested one round of ADAC Formel Masters last year, where he took an impressive points finish.
Driver History
2011Porsche Carrera World Cup-
2010SEAT Leon Supercopa Germany9th
2008LO Formel Lista Junior2nd
FPA History
2009Round 1Race 18th+5.307s1
2009Round 1Race 211th+32.603s1
2009Round 1Race 310th+28.327s1
2009Round 2Race 120thDNF1
2009Round 2Race 211th+19.798s1
2009Round 2Race 38th+25.683s1
2009Round 3Race 113rd+30.331s1
2009Round 3Race 210th+18.933s1
2009Round 4Race 17th+26.864s1
2009Round 4Race 27th+14.501s1
2009Round 4Race 311th+46.942s1
2009Round 5Race 110th+30.725s1
2009Round 5Race 212nd+24.858s1
2009Round 5Race 317thDNF1
2009Round 6Race 18th+26.351s1
2009Round 6Race 211th+28.351s1
2009Round 6Race 314th+37.005s1
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