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Ashley Babbra

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 22-10-1986
Briton Ashley Babbra finished a highly commendable third place in his debut season of single seater racing in the Formul' Academy Euro Series. In the 14 race campaign, Babbra secured one victory, one pole position, five podiums and one fastest lap in the championship's inaugural series.

Babbra secured victory at the tricky street circuit of Pau and was consistently challenging for wins throughout the season, with two of his podiums coming at the tricky Brno circuit.

2009 saw Babbra hoping to secure the prize of top rookie in FPA.
Driver History
2008Formul'Academy Euro Series3rd
FPA History
2009Round 1Race 119th+1 lap1
2009Round 1Race 28th+17.899s1
2009Round 1Race 39th+27.052s1
2009Round 2Race 17th+21.217s1
2009Round 2Race 27th+16.450s1
2009Round 2Race 36th+20.641s1
2009Round 3Race 110th+22.677s1
2009Round 3Race 28th+18.044s1
2009Round 4Race 114thDNF1
2009Round 4Race 25th+8.835s1
2009Round 4Race 34th+14.393s1
2009Round 5Race 16th+16.631s1
2009Round 5Race 27th+15.712s1
2009Round 5Race 319thDNF1
2009Round 6Race 17th+20.777s1
2009Round 6Race 28th+15.984s1
2009Round 6Race 34th+12.915s1
2009Round 7Race 15th+3.948s1
2009Round 7Race 26th+11.298s1
2009Round 7Race 36th+6.575s1
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