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Richard Plant

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 16-11-1989
Sponsors: McDonalds, GWPrice
In 2008 Richard Plant enjoyed his most successful season in Formula Palmer Audi to date. Plant was fast and consistent throughout the year, finishing outside of the top eight on only three occasions. He also scored his breakthrough victory in the second round of the season at Donington Park and went on to take five podiums over the course of the season.

Sheffield-based Plant has shown steady progress in the series since his debut in the 2006 Autumn Trophy. His first full assault on the main championship was in 2007 where he finished a commendable seventh overall after claiming 13 top ten finishes.

Plant returned to the championship in 2009 with the intention of taking the title and the £50,000 scholarship prize towards a race seat in the FIA Formula Two Championship.
Driver History
2011Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain-
FPA History
2009Round 1Race 13rd+1.878s1
2009Round 1Race 25th+12.175s1
2009Round 1Race 32nd+0.388s1
2009Round 2Race 15th+16.568s1
2009Round 2Race 220thDNF1
2009Round 2Race 31st22 laps1
2009Round 3Race 12nd+0.416s1
2009Round 3Race 212nd+20.188s1
2009Round 4Race 13rd+1.465s1
2009Round 4Race 23rd+7.216s1
2009Round 4Race 31st14 laps1
2009Round 5Race 11st30 laps1
2009Round 5Race 21st30 laps1
2009Round 5Race 31st30 laps1
2009Round 6Race 110th+27.313s1
2009Round 6Race 29th+16.660s1
2009Round 6Race 37th+14.815s1
2009Round 7Race 12nd+0.548s1
2009Round 7Race 28th+12.398s1
2009Round 7Race 38th+8.172s1
2008Round 1Race 122ndDNF1
2008Round 1Race 21st14 laps1
2008Round 1Race 35th+15.769s1
2008Round 2Race 17th+26.127s1
2008Round 2Race 25th+6.397s1
2008Round 3Race 121stDNF1
2008Round 3Race 26th+3.995s1
2008Round 3Race 33rd+0.824s1
2008Round 4Race 16th+17.034s1
2008Round 4Race 26th+2.993s1
2008Round 5Race 13rd+7.180s1
2008Round 5Race 28th+8.830s1
2008Round 6Race 13rd+14.082s1
2008Round 6Race 22nd+3.860s1
2008Round 6Race 34th+15.368s1
2008Round 7Race 111th+16.083s1
2008Round 7Race 27th+18.194s1
2008Round 7Race 34th+6.849s1
2008Round 8Race 17th+18.412s1
2008Round 8Race 27th+18.063s1
2007Round 1Race 111th+21.705s1
2007Round 1Race 29th+24.498s1
2007Round 2Race 18th+11.617s1
2007Round 2Race 28th+24.874s1
2007Round 2Race 311th+32.886s1
2007Round 3Race 111th+32.163s1
2007Round 3Race 24th+10.192s1
2007Round 3Race 38th+40.786s1
2007Round 4Race 18th+9.881s1
2007Round 4Race 222ndDNF1
2007Round 4Race 313rd+25.545s1
2007Round 5Race 19th+9.755s1
2007Round 5Race 26th+4.423s1
2007Round 6Race 117thDNF1
2007Round 6Race 118thDNS1
2007Round 7Race 19th+20.267s1
2007Round 7Race 24th+12.594s1
2007Round 8Race 19th+24.694s1
2007Round 8Race 28th+19.821s1
2007Round 8Race 37th+18.888s1
2007Round 1Race 18th+24.418s2
2007Round 1Race 27th+12.711s2
2007Round 1Race 321stDNF2
2007Round 2Race 113rd+14.336s2
2007Round 2Race 210th+26.563s2
2007Round 2Race 318th+55.986s2
2007Round 1Race 113rd+14.336s3
2007Round 1Race 210th+26.563s3
2007Round 1Race 310th+55.986s3
2006Round 1Race 118th+34.422s2
2006Round 1Race 222ndDNF2
2006Round 1Race 310th+24.897s2
2006Round 2Race 114th+50.877s2
2006Round 2Race 214th+30.069s2
2006Round 2Race 313rd+31.888s2
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