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Jose Alonso Liste

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: Spain
DoB: 26-04-1990
Alonso-Liste rejoined FPA in 2010 after a successful maiden season in 2009. The Spaniard took his first Formula Palmer Audi victory at Silverstone and he also took a further two top five finishes on his way to finishing 11th in the overall standings, despite missing the final event of the season.

José moved to single-seater racing in 2006 when he contested selected rounds of the Master Junior Formula in Spain. The youngster scored one podium and finished ninth in the overall standings, having only competed in a little over half of the races.

In 2008 Alonso stepped up to the cup class of Spanish F3, taking two podiums and one fastest lap on his way to sixth in the standings. The cup class title was won by former-F2 star Natacha Gachnang whilst the main championship was won by another former-F2 racer, German Sanchez.
Driver History
2008Formula 3 Spain19th
2007Master Junior Formula9th
FPA History
2010Round 1Race 111th+5 laps1
2010Round 1Race 24th+8.872s1
2010Round 1Race 34th+11.104s1
2010Round 2Race 16th+8.222s1
2010Round 2Race 28th+14.581s1
2010Round 2Race 33rd+8.919s1
2010Round 2Race 43rd+3.414s1
2010Round 3Race 15th+16.037s1
2010Round 3Race 23rd+17.820s1
2010Round 4Race 17th+11.716s1
2010Round 4Race 21st16 laps1
2010Round 5Race 18th+30.651s1
2010Round 5Race 25th+4.031s1
2010Round 6Race 15th+18.348s1
2010Round 6Race 22nd+1.237s1
2010Round 6Race 32nd+2.801s1
2010Round 7Race 16th+9.396s1
2010Round 7Race 23rd+8.206s1
2010Round 7Race 316thDNF1
2010Round 7Race 42nd+0.552s1
2009Round 1Race 122ndDNF1
2009Round 1Race 27th+17.863s1
2009Round 1Race 38th+22.568s1
2009Round 2Race 18th+21.586s1
2009Round 2Race 21st22 laps1
2009Round 2Race 318thDNF1
2009Round 3Race 17th+17.626s1
2009Round 3Race 29th+18.348s1
2009Round 4Race 28th+18.656s1
2009Round 4Race 39th+28.630s1
2009Round 5Race 117thDNF1
2009Round 5Race 25th+14.665s1
2009Round 5Race 320thDNF1
2009Round 6Race 15th+16.104s1
2009Round 6Race 212nd+28.755s1
2009Round 6Race 39th+19.575s1
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