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Vincent Beltoise

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: France
DoB: 27-07-1990
Sponsors: Pole Mécanique Ales en Cevennes
19-year-old Frenchman Vincent Beltoise joined Formula Palmer Audi in 2010 after two seasons spent competing in the Formul'Academy Euro Series in France. Beltoise demonstrated strong improvement over the period, scoring one podium in his first year before going on to take two wins and four podiums in his second season - missing out on third overall in the championship by just four points. The championship was won by Benjamin Bailly, who now competes in the FIA Formula Two Championship under the tutelage of the RACB.

Beltoise experience in Formula'Academy will stand him in good stead for the forthcoming season, as the two championships both use equal machinery in order to detect, train and promote young driving talent. Having finished just over one second off the pace in pre-season testing, he will be hoping to match last year's improvements and run at the sharp end of the grid in 2010.
Driver History
2011USF2000 National Championship-
2010European F3 Open20th
2010European F3 Open - Copa de España8th
2009Formul'Academy Euro Series5th
2009Bioracing Series24th
2008Formul'Academy Euro Series12th
FPA History
2010Round 1Race 117thDNF1
2010Round 1Race 25th+16.437s1
2010Round 1Race 313rd+19.994s1
2010Round 2Race 14th+6.322s1
2010Round 2Race 24th+8.761s1
2010Round 2Race 35th+15.695s1
2010Round 2Race 47th+9.636s1
2010Round 3Race 13rd+14.776s1
2010Round 3Race 26th+31.465s1
2010Round 4Race 15th+10.175s1
2010Round 4Race 24th+7.006s1
2010Round 5Race 15th+29.465s1
2010Round 5Race 210th+17.313s1
2010Round 6Race 14th+18.303s1
2010Round 6Race 27th+22.920s1
2010Round 6Race 35th+8.772s1
2010Round 7Race 17th+13.366s1
2010Round 7Race 216thDNF1
2010Round 7Race 39th+17.456s1
2010Round 7Race 48th+25.884s1
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