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Callum Holland

Driver Image
Driver Details
Nationality: United Kingdom
DoB: 02-09-1990
Callum Holland re-joined the Formula Palmer Audi Championship in 2010 after seasons in Formula BMW, Formula Ford and Formula Renault.

Holland, who competed in the Formula Palmer Audi Autumn Trophy in 2008, began his career in karting in 2000, finishing third in the Super 1 National Junior TKM Intermediates Championship in 2005.

Callum then moved into cars, competing in Formula BMW UK in 2007 and Formula Ford in 2008 - securing a win in the scholarship class and finishing seventh in the championship despite only competing in six of the ten rounds.

It was a depleted season for Callum in 2009, competing in just four races in the BARC Formula Renault Championship, and he returned to Formula Palmer Audi to help kick-start his career.
Driver History
2009Protyre Formula Renault BARC Championship22nd
2008British Formula Ford Championship - Scholarship Class7th
2007Formula BMW UK19th
FPA History
2010Round 2Race 19th+17.776s1
2010Round 2Race 214th+2 laps1
2010Round 2Race 38th+17.352s1
2010Round 2Race 46th+8.149s1
2010Round 3Race 111th+38.609s1
2010Round 3Race 29th+1:13.430s1
2010Round 4Race 110th+23.177s1
2010Round 4Race 211th+38.800s1
2010Round 5Race 17th+30.270s1
2010Round 5Race 27th+16.566s1
2010Round 6Race 16th+21.622s1
2010Round 6Race 212ndDNF1
2010Round 6Race 33rd+3.666s1
2010Round 7Race 18th+14.010s1
2010Round 7Race 28th+20.847s1
2010Round 7Race 36th+10.918s1
2010Round 7Race 45th+13.577s1
2008Round 2Race 118thDNC2
2008Round 2Race 26th+7.776s2
2008Round 2Race 38th+33.204s2
2008Round 1Race 112ndDNF3
2008Round 1Race 24th+7.776s3
2008Round 1Race 37th+33.204s3
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